Education Awards FAQs

We are happy to announce the next edition of Pride of World Award Convention to be held in Delhi by Brands Impact. Your continuing support is what aspires us to offer you the best of our services. We request you to go through this section in case of any clarification regarding the education awards ceremony, its concept & participation

What is Pride of World Award Convention?

Pride of World Award Convention (PIE) has been instituted by Brands Impact to recognise the contributions of Schools, Colleges & Institutions towards strengthening the nation’s Educational Infrastructure. These are the most prominent education awards in India!

Who can apply for this award?

These education awards in India may be bestowed upon India’s Top Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Coaching Classes, Education Professionals who have made a difference in the Education sector in India. All applicants’ information & details will be kept strictly confidential as per company regulations.

How many categories can I apply for?

Applicants are eligible to apply for more than one category of education awards in India highlighting clearly the mentioned categories as listed on the website. If a particular applicant is unable to locate his category, he can write down his suggested category which will be taken forward by the management. As one of the most prominent higher education awards in India, do not miss this opportunity to showcase to the world as to why your brand is the best!

How Do I File Nomination?

Please visit our website and fill in your nomination or leave us a message on our contact page and we will send you the nomination form. Alternatively you can call us on our helpline numbers: +8770234905

When would the results be announced?

The education award winners in India will be sent a confirmation letter four weeks prior to the education awards ceremony and would be given an option to attend the ceremony depending on their availability. As the best education awards in India, please make sure that you do not miss out on this opportunity to emphasise that your brand is the best!

Can I know the names of other winners?

We regret our inability to share the name of other winners in different categories prior to the execution of the award ceremony for confidentiality reasons. However the entire list of winners will be disclosed on the day of the award ceremony and will also be put on the official website within a few days of the execution of the ceremony.

What are the documents required?

Only the final winners opting to attend the award ceremony need to sign the following documents namely:
Non Disclosure Agreement and Declaration & Copyright Guidelines, to be able to use the event pictures & videos for promotional activities.

What is the judging criteria?

The winners of PIE are selected by a jury comprised of high-profile Education experts in India as per the various Education Awards Categories and Scope and Assessment of the applications filed by various nominees. The applications for Education Award in India will be assessed by the Jury and Management of Brands Impact on various parameters including but not limited to Feedback by students through feedback forms and emails, Voting by public at large, Feedback by Industry Peers and Professionals collected through Personal & Telephonic Interviews and Digital Media Interactions, Merits of the claims of Fair Business Practices, CSR activities, Eco-friendly developments, Innovations, Benefits to the Society and Contribution to the economic growth of the country.

How is this platform going to help us?

The list of education awards in India is long but there is only one authoritative award in the World Award Convention Awards segment, and that’s Pride of World Award Convention (PIE) Awards. It presents an exclusive opportunity for all participants to promote and raise the profile of their brand alongside the glamour of the premium awards ceremony that focuses on being the “BEST”, which is integral to your brand’s growth. The event will capture and showcase the value and quality of your brand and showcase it to a premium audience in an ultra premium setting! As one of the most prominent awards in India for education, do not miss this opportunity to showcase to the world as to why your brand is the best!

Am I eligible to register for the award, even though I can’t attend the award ceremony?

Applicants are every much eligible to register for the education awards in India. If in case after registration you are unable to attend the education award ceremony despite being declared a winner in your mentioned education award category, the award certificate & trophy will be sent across to you via courier after all documentation process is completed. As one of the most prominent awards in education sector in India, we’re sure you’d not like to miss this wonderful opportunity to showcase to your target audiences you are the best in your segment!

Are there any charges for nomination?

No, there are no charges or fees to be paid for the nomination by any Organization. Grab this opportunity to nominate your institution for the most prestigious National Education Excellence Awards and showcase to the world what makes your brand the best!
However, the final winners opting to attend the award function need to select a promotional package depending on their requirements in terms of copyrights, media publicity, etc.
For opportunities as a sponsor, associate partner or presenter you can get in touch with us: +91-8770234905