It is International Plateform for given woner to different specialist in there domain.

The WAC Group has invited students of architecture to participate in the International WAC Award. The award seeks to challenge the students to explore the role of daylight in architecture and inspire new thinking. The aim of the award is to engage with students of architecture about how to use sunlight and daylight as main sources of energy and light and how to ensure health and well-being of the people who live and work in buildings.

The award is global and open to any registered student of architecture backed by a teacher from a school of architecture.  The jury, comprising internationally renowned architects, will award a number of prize winners and honourable mentions.

Since the International WAC Award for Students of Architecture was first launched in 2019 April, it has grown into what is probably the largest competition of its kind for the architects who will shape the buildings of our future.

Welcome to World Award Convention

The World Award Academy of Arts and Sciences was established by the Imel Foundation in 2019 as a network of excellent fellows from diverse cultures, nationalities in the arts, humanities, science, sports and the Internet. The Convention is also an independent research center which explores complex and emerging global problems.

The Academy’s elected members are world leaders in the social and natural sciences, the arts, government, business, sports and public affairs. The academy has three major global goals.

1. Honoring excellence by allowing people of the world to vote for men and women in a broad range of disciplines and professions.
2, Promoting the study and science of global issues and common concerns.
3. Electing scientists, public affairs leaders, business leaders, artists, philanthropic leaders, etc. to join this prestigious society.

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